href=”″>Boston Art Consultants’ Interview with Chitra Ramanathan, August 2017. “The Creative process begins long before a brush touches the canvas, but with Chitra it continues and grows throughout the entire painting. Chitra Ramanathan actually washes her large canvases after beginning the first layer of her painting, then continues to use the washed out images to inform the rest of her originals. Her work incorporates many, many layers before reaching it’s final stage”. As you listen to our interview, notice the freedom with which she attacks the canvas and then one by one, brush stroke by brushstroke her paintings evolve..

There are so many different ways abstract art can relay thoughts and strong concepts. I find I am immersed in thought while creating conceptual art, all the while making it a reality in that the subject matter is the reality in this case.

For instance paintings that portrays happiness, strictly an emotion of the mind does not a recognizable shape or form. What fascinates me about abstract paintings is that I can see a completely unique rendering with an exclusively personal eye by mixing color and texture as well as using the same concept of texture or depth that is exactly alike in representational work.