Chitra Ramanathan’s paintings arrived on the art scene in 1995 when various art galleries on Broadway, New York City invited the artist to exhibit in solo and group exhibitions. Her work was noticed by art critics including Manhattan Arts that praised the works’ unique style and rendering of colors true to Chitra Ramanathan’s roots as a child artist while growing up in India. Since 1999, her numerous originals have been acquired by individual and business sources including corporate commissions. 

Education and milestones:

The professional contemporary artist earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree majoring in Painting with honors in 1993, and her M.B.A degree with concentrations in Art Museum Administration and Human Resources in 1997 both from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. During her student years, she spent an extensive period of time studying art in Paris, France. The experience paved the way for her future abstract paintings that compare the emotion of happiness expressed as cyclical and fleeting to ephemeral garden blooms. Combined with an expressionistic style, the concept is influenced by the Impressionist Movement, particularly Claude Monet’s paintings which make Chitra Ramanathan’s work unique.

Working processes:

Chitra Ramanathan’s ongoing goal and dialogue with her audiences is achieved through treating her canvases to fresh bright colors and intricately interwoven texture materials which are executed with rapid brush strokes. The results exude freshness, and have provided pleasure for viewers and owners of her paintings who have deemed them suitable for all venues. Many of her individual paintings are created in expansive scale or as multi-paneled works which makes them attractive for displays in all venues including large spaces such as lobby areas of public spaces.

The artist’s working process, including large installations evolves continually with each developing piece being infused with new art materials. The luminous surfaces are treated with primarily acrylic mediums or mixed media, often dense with collaged imagery and cutting-edge techniques learned through educational avenues such as art conferences. Her experience serving as committee member (Committee for Diversity Practices, 2007-2010 and Services to Artists, 2003-2006) of the College Arts Association, New York, and professional artist residencies at organizations in France and Italy in recent years have been compelling factors.

An art educator as well, Chitra is an active member of Americans for the Arts. In 2005 she was invited by the Head of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, U.K as visiting artist where she presented a talk and visual presentation of her unique body of work and provided student critiques at the attached Royal Academy Schools.


Chitra Ramanathan’s paintings and biography have been featured in various magazine and book publications including Who’s Who in America, Askart.com, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)International Contemporary Artists, Vol 1. available on Amazon.com, the Indianapolis Business Journal, Luxury Real Estate Magazine, a video interview in 2017 at Boston, MA, USA, latest by the Miami Art Scene Magazine that traces her career in a question and answer interview.

The journey continues. Please stay in touch!

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